Crypt Critters

"We love making gold! Make lotsa gold coins!" — Dream Sheep

Want to know how to become rich the easy way? It's simple! Just adopt some cute critters who love to make you gold! Just make sure you give them a good place to live, like a musky old crypt, or a ~haunted~ forest. Tap your way to collect gold to become the richest crypt keeper of the land in this clicker game!

Clicker of the Dead

"Now is the age of zombies! But if survivors can work together, I'm sure humanity will rise again!" — Calysta

Can you outtap the undead? Tap, tap, tap to scavenge for food. Rescue survivors and rebuild your city in this zombie idle game!

Dragon Keepers

"Dragons use mana to control the elements, and in turn use it to protect mana crystals!" — Green Petite

Hail, Adventurer! The dragons have disappeared from the mystic forest. Help some fairies summon new dragons in this adorably, cute clicker game! Here's a quick game review!

Dogs Vs Homework

"You are the best owner in the whole wide world! I love doing your homework!" — Buddy the Puppy

Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Let your furry canine friends do all the homework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting a pencil in this all new clicker game!

Ms. Alma Triv-E's Puzzle Shuffle Trivia

"I'm a Trivia Master, and you can be one too!" — Ms. Alma

Ms. Alma Triv-E's Puzzle Shuffle Trivia is a word guessing game for players of all ages! Players are challenged to solve a puzzle by guessing what the secret word is from a pool of letters and some helpful hints from Ms. Alma herself. Perfect for young kids and trivia enthusiasts!

Indie Jane and the Snake Tower

"Snakes!! Ugh... I loathe snakes! Especially the pink one!!" — Indie Jane

Fast-paced, snake-jumping action! Collect rubies as you climb up the perilous Snake Tower, guarded by tons and tons of SNAKES!! Unlock magical relics with spectacular powers that can even save your life! So what are you waiting for? Start jumping snakes!


"Fishing with rockets and laser guns! The only way to fish!" — Vendokat

Cyberkat wants to catch some Cyberfish for dinner, but he's all out of Cyberfish. So it's time to do some space-fishing - using machine guns, laser pistols, and a heaping ton of explosive rockets!

Join this hungry cyborg feline in his daredevil and trigger-happy antics, as he travels the galaxy in search for the ultimate robot seafood feast!

Dog Vs. Homework

"Student homeworks across the city cower at the mere mention of your name!" — Your Teacher

Love dogs but hate doing homework? Let your dogs do all your homework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting a pencil in this all new idle game. You'll be an A+ student in no time!

Peacefree Tactical Warfare

"Peace-what? Never heard of 'em. Yer not one of them cultish movements, are you?" — Micium Farmer

Peacefree Tactical Warfare is an all-new Tile-Based Real Time Strategy game. You command an entire army of anthropomorphic creatures, in their quest to liberate the galaxy of Miroda against the hordes of enemy invaders.


Peacefree: ILA

"Say it with me — Peace-free... Sigh~ It's okay. Everybody gets it wrong the first time... Anyways, we're currently looking for new recruits!" — Gram Haverschine

Peacefree: Intergalactic Liberation Army is an earlier version of Peacefree. The story revolves around Lineus Vurr, a catlike creature called a Feleon, whose planet was just enslaved by the evil Virpuris. Having nowhere else to go, Lineus meets the mysterious Claire Fayeth, a foxlike Vulfaine, and Gram Haverschine, a big gray mouse-man called a Micium, who recruits him to become part of the liberation army Peacefree.